6 tips for successful social media videos

6 Tipps, damit die Videos auf deinen Kanälen erfolgreich werden.

Moving images are considered one of the biggest trends of all in social media. Especially creative and short video formats, such as Instagram Stories and Reels, as well as TikToks and Snaps, are capturing the hearts of users and thus driving up interaction rates. We therefore summarize the most important tips for getting started with social videos!

Bewegtbilder bieten auf allen Sozialen Plattformen zahlreiche Vorteile.

Facts and figures: Social videos are currently this successful

Videos are taking up more and more space on social media. On YouTube alone, 400 hours of video are uploaded every minute and over 1 billion hours are viewed every day. A full 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day. Also on Facebook, over 4 billion videos are viewed every day. This is a trend-setting development, because according to forecasts, by 2022 around 82 percent of all online content will consist of videos.

But in addition to benefits such as stronger brand awareness, higher interactions and better user retention, they can be used to showcase products and companies in the best possible way. With our tips, you will ensure success and the attention of users!

1. define the concept and the video format

In order to achieve the greatest possible success with social videos, a concept for the project should be created from the very beginning. Will there be shaky and authentic glimpses from everyday life or will a high-quality promotional film for a product have to be created? The exact purpose, of course, influences the design. In addition to creative ideas, note the ideal format for each platform.

Due to the largely mobile use of video formats, it is essential that they are implemented either vertically (9:16 or 4:5) or square (1:1). Videos in 9:16 format are currently suitable for most social media platforms, because it ensures optimal use of the screen. Compared to horizontal videos, they take up about 78% more space in the feed.

2. be short and direct

The attention span of social media users is actually only a few seconds. That’s not surprising given the flood of information throughout the day. Therefore, the core message of your video needs to be conveyed quickly. Videos with a length of about 5 to 15 seconds have a particularly high completion rate. They are almost always viewed to the end. Assuming an impatient viewer, the mark should be cleverly shown in the first three seconds at best.

This tip can also be applied to the title of your video. Make sure it sparks interest or you emphasize your added value. As in our article title, for example, the so-called “listicles” scheme (“5 new fashion trends”, “Do you know these 3 tips for …?”, etc.) is suitable. Users have a direct incentive to watch the video and ideally share it with their friends afterwards because it contains helpful information.

3. place a call-to-action

Be sure to remember to include a call-to-action (CTA). With it you clearly appeal to the users, e.g. that your channel should be subscribed, liked or followed the swipe up link. Although nearly 95 percent of companies place their CTA at the end, it achieves greater success in the middle of the video. It’s best to test which CTA leads to better results for your project.

4. make sure that the video is understandable even without sound

Basically, it is advisable to include additional text elements in the video. They structure the video and facilitate orientation. User behavior also speaks in favor of this: In most cases, the smartphone is used on the move and is therefore muted. This means that 85 percent of all videos on social media are viewed without sound. So, if you haven’t included subtitles, there is a higher chance that the video will be skipped. For videos that require explanation, it is even more advisable to work with text overlays.

5. create a personal storyline

In addition to the design and other design options, the storytelling in your videos has a central influence on the success. Make sure to create a personal story that is emotionalized through the use of appropriate protagonists. If a person appears in the first three seconds of a video, users have a 133 percent stronger connection to the content than without a reference person.

6. know your target group

With all of these tips, always keep your target audience in mind. Your insights tell you which platforms they are most active on, at what time of day, and what type of content they respond to and how. Also pay attention to the feedback of your community in the form of comments or likes and dislikes and respond to it. Here you can learn about the benefits of professional community management and an authentic following.

Videos auf sozialen Plattformen können die Markenbekanntheit steigern und die Aufmerksamkeit des Users erzielen.

An infinite number of exciting stories can be spun around products, companies or services. Moreover, current figures clearly indicate that videos are indispensable in a social media strategy. So if you want to keep up with the trend, you can no longer avoid using social videos.

Author: Sylvia Muschalski

6 tips for successful social media videos

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