Our mission: Leading brands to sustainable success on social media

We are storytellers & creatives, strategists, social media managers, content creators, performance experts and analysts.

TACSY is a social media agency and content production company based in Berlin and in the heart of Cologne. Since 2016, we have been developing and implementing communication strategies, formats and content with a sustainable vision and the courage to inspire people and get them excited about brands.


What does sustainable social media communication mean?

With intelligent strategies, creative and bold formats and smart channel management, we create vibrant social media ecosystems for our clients with an active community, genuine interaction and maximum reach. For us, social media work is sustainable when we leave behind “campaign thinking” and build channels and content that continue to provide relevant value to their target audiences for months and years to come. We anticipate from user behaviour and their needs what content people are looking for and what content offers them real added value. This is how we make our customers’ channels successful, especially organically.

Our customers are breaking new ground in their communication with us. Together, we create a real impact that will inspire and engage target audiences.


The TACSY Agency was founded by Patrick Graf von Faber-Castell and Daniel Hoffmann (née Goihl). The two met in 2014 while working for one of Europe’s largest multichannel and influencer networks and decided to focus entirely on developing successful business channels on social media. Both bring years of experience in the advertising industry, social media communications and international film production. The all-encompassing combination of the different worlds is what makes TACSY strong, competent and passionate.

Joana Tesmeles

Joana Tsesmelés

Director Project Management & Content Production

Manuel Hebel

Senior Social Media- und Projekt Manager

Sarah Sponsheimer

Social Media and Project Manager

Tra My Ta

Social Media and Project Manager

Katharina Klöting

Social Media and Project Manager

Sam Vogt


Selenay Algün

Selenay Algün

Junior Social Media- und Projekt Managerin

Anette Jarosch

Assistance Management & Human Resources

Franziska Kickermann

Social Media Manager

Claudio Heinzmann

Creative Director

Daniel Suarez-Wessel

Production Assistant

Karoline Greife

Working student

Nicci Haumann

Community Management

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