What is Discord?

Discord at a glance

Discord has been around since 2015 and was founded in the USA. Basically, it is an online service for communication while gaming on the computer, and therefore it is mainly used by gamers. Especially due to popular users in the e-sports and gaming industry, the popularity has increased.  The range of functions is reminiscent of applications such as Skype or TeamSpeak — but  has now established itself as an “all-in-one” solution. According to the operators, 250 million users are registered worldwide, of which 56 million are monthly active users and a total of 963 million text messages are sent daily.  In Germany, there are three million daily active  in Germany are active. G

Discord functions

On the one hand, Discord provides functions for instant messaging and chatting. The messages can be reacted to with so-called “Emoji Reactions”. On the other hand, it can be used for voice and video conferences including screen transmission. Both work mobile on the smartphone or tablet, as well as via the computer.

As a user, you can create your own servers to share with others. On this, subordinate, topic-specific channels can be created for individual topics, which are either publicly viewable or private. The voice channels are mainly used for communication during a game streamed live on the Internet.

The term “server” refers to a set of roles with different permissions that administrators can assign to users and channels that are used by a community. Likewise, private communication is enabled via groups, chats or phone calls, and since October 5, 2017, also via video calls.

At YouTopia 2020, some of Germany's most famous influencers* lived under a dome with celebrity guests and collected tree donations in a 99-hour stream on YouTube.
On the YouTube channels of the YouTopia residents, it was also possible to follow the highlights of the livestream event afterwards.

5 Remixing as a user-generated content trend

User-generated content (UGC) should have been an integral part of a social media strategy for some time. Sharing UGC on your channels strengthens user loyalty, creates identification potential, and provides a large content pool to draw from. Especially short video content, shows the creative potential of a younger user base that loves to let off steam together with other content creators.

“Remixing” is therefore the new buzzword. In concrete terms, it means using what is already available and adapting it individually to give expression to one’s own ideas. Especially on TikTok and now also on Instagram Reels, functions such as duets are used for interactive co-creation. Companies should therefore offer their target group the opportunities to interact with the brand. If the idea catches fire, the fans become authentic brand ambassadors.

A look into the future

Discord as a Skype or Facetime replacement A voice channel can also quickly become the telephone call-in show of the modern era. In addition, video telephony with everyone in the channel is also easily possible there:

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Author: Sylvia Muschalski

What is Discord?

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