Social Media Updates #6

Social Media Updates #6

This week we have again summarized the most important information from the social media world in our updates. We took a particularly close look at the issue of fake followers. We also bring you the latest on Generation Z and Facebook’s plan to poach TikToks Creator.

Fake followers: A no-go!

Purchased followers have a great appeal especially for profiles with teething problems. But you can only build an authentic and valuable community by using well thought-out social media strategies, with relevant content and intensive community management. Much more worthwhile are targeted ads that appeal to the target group and thus achieve sustainable results. In this article on our blog, we explain the numerous negative consequences of fake followers!

Einsatz von Fake Followern in Sozialen Medien

For the first time, more than half of the world’s population uses social media. The focus is on the community experience with friends or family. In addition, entertainment and information are motives. Yet YouTube is clearly Gen Z’s favorite app for consuming videos. A full 90 percent of 3- to 17-year-olds watch moving image content every day. This is what the video study of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Videoforschung (Working Group Video Research) brings out. From the age of 11, streaming use increases – especially because people can usually use their own smartphones.

Eine neue Studie zeigt: YouTube ist die Lieblings-App der Gen-Z.

Competition: Facebook poaches Creator!

Facebook is reportedly currently offering successful TikTok creators large sums of money to turn their creative videos into Instagram Reels. TikTok has repeatedly come under criticism for its handling of user data. As a result, the app has already been banned in India, and the US is also talking about a ban. So the already established Instagram platform could be a safe bank for the future of content creators.

Facebook geht in den Konkurrenzkampf, in dem das Unternehmen seit neustem Creator abwirbt.

Spotify: Podcast with video

The streaming platform Spotify enables the integration of videos for podcasts. After tests in May, these are available to almost all users – regardless of whether they are Premium subscribers or not. If there is a clip to the podcast, this video will start with the audio. Let’s see if the new feature will make previous YouTube users switch to Spotify.

Spotify vergrößert sein Portfolio und möchte bald Podcasts mit Video anbieten.

Author: Sylvia Muschalski

Social Media Updates #6

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