Social Media Updates #2

Also this week we summarize exciting news from the social media world. This week we have updates on the new livestream option on Facebook, updates on TikTok, Instagram & Co. and new analytics options on YouTube.

Livestream update on Facebook

Facebook is working on a solution to publish paid events and live streams. In the future, Facebook events should be able to be marked if they take place exclusively online and integrate Facebook Live for this purpose. This option is particularly suitable for artists and providers of courses or professional conferences, who could benefit from alternative sources of income, especially due to the Corona crisis.

New functions at TikTok, Instagram & Co.

Many companies see the intensive use of social media applications as an opportunity to score points with new functions. For example, in the latest version of its app, TikTok expands its video editing capabilities, allowing creators to creatively stitch together different clips. Instagram is also working on adding new fonts to the Stories feature or making private chats more colorful. YouTube is getting in line and working on analytics about when users are active.


New ad formats on YouTube

User behavior on YouTube has changed in recent weeks. More people are consuming content via TVs rather than smartphones. The platform now offers advertisers more tools to reach these consumers with ads and measure ad effectiveness. The playback time of live content via TV sets has increased by 250% worldwide, and of movies by as much as 800%, he said.


Author: Sylvia Muschalski

Social Media Updates #2

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