Social Media Updates #19

Also this week we summarize exciting news from the social media world. Learn more about updates on YouTube, such as YouTube Shorts, or how YouTube wants to become even more personal, and Instagram is increasingly focusing on the video format.


YouTube now launches with vertical 60-second short videos. 💪 However, there will be no surprising innovations in terms of features. They are similar to TikTok or Instagram Reels. In addition to the stringing together of several videos, you can enhance them with music or adjust the speed. As a special gimmick 🍭 YouTube advertises a gigantic pool of more than 250 music labels, such as Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Music Publishing and Warner Music Group. 🎶 In addition, users will also benefit from the following add-ons in the future: Text placements, audio samples, subtitles, files from your own gallery, and color filter corrections. At the same time, targeted tests are already taking place, which additionally deal with exciting monetization options. 💸

In order to offer users the opportunity to find new interesting content, the video platform YouTube has so far offered wide-ranging subject areas in the “Explore Page”. With the latest “New to you” function for the app, YouTube is going one step further: Instead of general, not individually tailored recommendations, the platform wants to play out more personalized video and channel tips to its community. 🥳 These are based on viewing behavior. The goal is to enable the community to dive even deeper into the world of YouTube and for creators to gain new followers. The feature will be integrated into the Explore area and the feed with a colorful presence. After the launch in July, more features will follow in August. 🤩



Instagram is increasingly focusing on the video format. In order to compress the existing video options in the feed, IGTV, Stories and Reels and make them more user-friendly, Instagram is currently testing the automatic playback of in-feed videos in full screen. Another reason for this is that the photo format has long since ceased to be the dominant format in social networks. Due to the higher entertainment factor, among other things, videos can now generate significantly more interactions. 🙌



YouTube is continuously testing new ways to reduce abusive comments and counteract incitement online. 👏 This is intended to reduce the daily pressure on YouTubers and enable channel managers to set rules regarding the types of comments. In doing so, potentially harmful comments, trolls, and spam are automatically moved to the “Pending Review” section in YouTube Studio. Also added more ways to track each user’s comment history to determine who should be blocked. 🆒



Social Media Updates #19

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