Instagram Carousel: How to use the success tool best!

So nutzt du das Erfolgstool: Instagram Karussells

Instagram’s carousel feature has been popular since its launch in 2017 and has been evolving ever since. Successful carousel posts are visually appealing, captivate with creative ideas and have an interactive character. We summarize the most important factors you should consider when creating an Instagram carousel.

What makes Instagram’s carousel feature so successful?

Carousel posts allow users and advertisers to combine up to 10 images or videos in one post. The probability of achieving more organic interactions with the postings is not only greatly increased by this. Users who have not yet interacted with the post will see a different content of the post the next time it is played. Thus, the impressions are also usually higher.

In addition, carousel posts are particularly frequently suggested in the Explore feed, helpful content is increasingly saved by users and shared in Stories. With an average of 8 comments on these posts, it’s not uncommon for the engagement rate to rise above 2%. As such, they are considered the formats with the most potential engagements. Thanks to these results, Instagram carousels have managed to account for a total share of 19.44% of posts on the platform.

So können die Instagram Karussells als Ads in den Stories aussehen.
This is how the integration of Instagram carousels as ads in Stories can look like. @jaspersmarket

What content are Instagram carousel posts suitable for?

Carousel posts, for one, are a great way to showcase different products and show different variations, detail shots, or uses. Surprising before-and-after effects are also suitable for creating an incentive to swipe. Outtakes from shoots also have a particularly sympathetic effect. These offer a pleasant contrast to the otherwise often perfectly posed images on Instagram.

Using carousel posts is also a great way to maintain the aesthetics of your feed and not clutter it. Recaps of events or user-generated content can easily be placed there. A relatively new trend is panoramic photos in carousel posts that can be swiped seamlessly. To keep coming up with new ideas, it’s a good idea to ask your community for desired content.

Tips for successful Instagram carousel posts

Your carousels should follow a clear storytelling, have a compelling design and captivate with concise copy. Find out how best to do this in these tips!

1. use a strategic structure: The AIDA principle (short for: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) is great for guiding your posts.

Attention: The first image or video should have the title or theme. In the best case, an eye-catcher should be housed here. This is followed by an introduction on the second slide that makes it clear what it is about.

Interest: You should add value on slides three through seven. Be it a new information or solution suggestions for the problem addressed, etc.. The interest of the user must be maintained here.

Desire: On the slides before the conclusion, you can be a little more detailed and focus on details. These should create a need.

Action: A suitable Call To Action should always be used at the end. Should users click on a link, ask questions in the comments, or share the post? This should become clear.

Beispiel einer Karussell Werbeanzeige, die den Spannungsbogen aufrecht erhält
Example of a carousel post in the feed: On the first slide, the headline acts as an attention grabber.
Beispiel für ein Instagram Karussell im News-Feed

2. develop a design

Your design should have a recognition value. Many companies or creators often underestimate the visual component on social platforms. At the same time, developing your own corporate design is well worth the effort. This should be adapted based on the target group. For a consistent design and time savings on future posts, it pays to create your own templates that you can use over and over again.

3. optimize your copy

Once the concept and design have been decided, an appealing text must be formulated. This should be kept as minimal as possible, while at the same time not losing attractiveness and arousing interest. In the caption, remind users to keep swiping so they can see the rest of the content.

4. perfect the design

During the creation process, the design and text can be customized respectively for the finishing touches. But factors beyond that also influence the success of your post. Will you opt for a square format (1920×1920) or the portrait format (1080×1350) to attract even more attention? Make sure font sizes are easy to read and create a “swipeable” flow.

Es gibt bereits viele Anbieter, die Template für Instagram Karussells anbieten.
An example of an Instagram carousel template, which can already be downloaded from different providers and used for private purposes.

Instagram carousel posts as ads

If you use the Instagram carousels for ads, the sponsored posts are played out individually and thus optimized to the user behavior. In addition to placement in the feed, carousel ads are also a common format in Instagram Stories.

Basically, a similar principle applies here, but only two or three images are shown in the collection as part of a preview. The user is then directed to the respective posting on the company profile with a link. For ads, keep in mind that graphics and images that contain more than 20% text tend to get delivered less. One thing is for sure: Instagram carousel posts are an exciting content format whose potential should definitely be tapped!

Instagram Carousel: How to use the success tool best!

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