Social Media Update #20


These are the social media updates of the week! This week we inform you about the Facebook Campaign Ideas Generator, Twitter launches  with e-commerce and you can expect news about IG Reels & tips for advertising!


There’s exciting news about Instagram Reels: Now that TikTok offers 3-minute clips and YouTube shorts can also be 60 seconds long, Instagram is also expanding the length of Reels from 30 to 60 seconds. 👏 With this, the expansion of Reels clips is starting to flow into Instagram’s other features. It gives the community the opportunity to share more content and can likewise take advantage of the popular cross-posting. 🆒 Instagram’s goal is to unify the separate video upload processes for each option and for all content into a single format. Findability in the app can thus be pushed and more video inventory is made available to Instagram’s algorithms. At the same time, the user experience is optimized. 🥳

Instagram Reels


Facebook has published a new mini-site for the campaign idea generator: Various insights, templates and recommendations provide inspiration for great advertising approaches.💡 On the website, you can select industries, advertising focus, company type and the time of year for promotions. Companies are thus to be promoted and helped to maximize reach. 📈 The Insights section offers a range of useful info on top, based on selected parameters. In addition, Facebook has included an “Organic Post Pack” in each result, which even includes post templates. Branding is crucial these days, so maintaining a consistent style and approach plays a big role.✌️



Twitter and the monetization focus: the Shop module is a special area where companies can finally showcase their products. When users visit such a profile, they can scroll through the product carousel and store for products without having to leave the Twitter app. The goal is to keep users on the platform longer and maximize revenue opportunities. Shopping options within tweets are also already being diligently experimented with. 👨🏻🔬



Instagram is one of the most important social media channels for brand promotion and over 90% of people follow businesses there. However, the increasing battle for attention makes it more difficult to stand out from the crowd. 😮💨 From there, it is advisable to use all options effectively: Reels are suitable for short, entertaining videos and offer chances for new followers to discover the brand for themselves. Stories allow you to get in touch with your audience in a targeted way. Behind-the-scenes impressions or interviews and interactions with followers are particularly popular. The live function is best suited for entertainment and the shopping tags promote direct sales. The key to an effective Instagram marketing strategy is also the use of the advertising function to reach the appropriate target group. 🎯


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Social Media Update #20

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