Social Media Update #11

A week with many exciting news lies behind us! Instagram is rolling out the auto-subtitle feature, and Facebook is making it possible for the first time to run your channel as a push-only channel. In addition, Twitter is currently trying its hand at Audio Spaces. I wonder if they’ll outrank Clubhouse now.

New caption stickers on Instagram

After a successful test phase of the automatic subtitle on Instagram, the feature is now being rolled out in a handful of countries. Not only does this save many creators a lot of work, it also makes stories more accessible to deaf people. In addition, automatic subtitles should be available not only in Stories, but soon in Reels as well. It remains to be seen when the caption sticker will be rolled out in Germany.

Facebook pages without interaction

Quite right. On Facebook, for the first time, it is possible for some accounts to run their channel as a push-only channel. This means no comments, no user posts, and no ability to send messages to the site. The actual idea of a social platform is thus lost, of course, and there is a danger that users will express their opinions on other, uncontrollable platforms. In addition, the visibility of the page decreases, as the interactions are completely eliminated.

Instagram Reels Ads in Test

It was only a matter of time before Facebook and Instagram thought about how ads could also be placed on the successful Reels format. The test phase of Reels ads starts with selected companies. To make the whole thing more interesting for companies, the ads are provided with a call-to-action button that leads users to their own store or app stores, for example. However, the form of advertising is specially created ads. If and when it will be possible to promote organically published reels is still unclear.

Twitter Spaces the better clubhouse?

Twitter is following suit: In addition to Clubhouse, it is now also possible on Twitter to create your own virtual rooms and thus conduct live audio conversations. But what advantages do Twitter Spaces offer over Clubhouse? A big plus is definitely the already existing network. So it’s not about building another community, it’s about using and consuming social audio on an existing platform. In addition, Twitter has a much larger user base than Clubhouse, which speaks for a higher reach and thus becomes more interesting. The new Twitter function is therefore well placed to become the better Clubhouse.

Author:in: TACSY Team

Social Media Update #11

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