Stefanie Heinzmann

Whether musicians, athletes or politicians – a successful and competently managed social media presence is essential for public figures. This also applies to the Swiss singer Stefanie Heinzmann, who wants to use digital media to draw attention to her music, events and concerts, as well as to herself.

We accompanied Stefanie’s social media presence on Instagram and Facebook in the run-up to her new album release strategically, technically and in terms of content and made her and her team “fit” for Instagram & Co.

The result

Follower growth, increase in reach and views on Spotify and YouTube, more interaction and happy fans who, especially via Instagram Stories, can immerse themselves even more intensively in the world of their idol, become part of it and even interact with it.

The increased awareness and relevance constantly creates new touchpoints with fans, which also has a positive impact on the success of new releases and concerts. In addition, the stronger presence also allows for potential new opportunities for collaborations with other artists, media and companies.

Stefanie Heinzmann Impressions
Stefanie Heinzmann Impressions

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